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    The OPOLUM was discovered in early March 2018 in the Speicherstadt Hamburg. Unverified documents revealed the name OPOLUM. It is a historical machine, probably from the late 19th century.

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    Take a look at a short documentary about the OPOLUM.

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  • The Key Facts:

    The OPOLUM brings you without VR glasses into another world

  • The Key Facts:

    Das OPOLUM bietet 75 Minutes pure Immersion

  • The Key Facts:

    The OPOLUM is 10 times the size of an escape room.

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Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

The new Attraktion: OPOLUM

The old location in the Cremon 3 is history. We start a new chapter and present our new attraction OPOLUM from September.

You know virtual reality. Put on your glasses, strap your PC on your back and enter another world. What if a 19th century machine did the same without glasses and PC? Properly read! Without the use of virtual reality, it will be possible to explore different worlds. The OPOLUM attraction is a historical wonder machine paired with the latest technology from us.

Please take Note: The OPOLUM is only playable in German. Avalible in English 2019.


New worlds without Virtual Reality glasses

An impressive spectacle between history and modernity

75 minutes pure immersion

Fantastic 360 ° surround sound

Theatrical stories with amazing twists

An impressive size of about 10 escape rooms

Your journey into the other reality

Book space


Will the previous rooms also be playable again?

Unfortunately, no. The old TwistedRooms “The Conspiracy”, “The Asylum” and “The Armageddon” are history. We will no longer offer classic escape games in the future.

Instead, we present you the OPOLUM: a completely new experience on several hundred square meters with an impressive spectacle, special effects, show elements and tasks that need to be solved.

When can I buy tickets again?

The presale will start in June. As a customer of TwistedRoom, we will inform you by e-mail about the pre-sale with attractive opening offers.

If you have not played any rooms with us, we recommend you to activate the newsletter on www.opolum.com. He will also inform you about the sales launch.

When will TwistedRooms resume?

TwistedRooms will open the new attraction OPOLUM in September in the Speicherstadt. Tickets can be booked from June on www.opolum.com or on our homepage www.twistedrooms.com.

Please note that the new attraction starts only in German Language.

Where will the new location be?

TwistedRooms will open directly in the Speicherstadt, not far from Messberg underground station. The exact address will be announced soon.

Here you can find us


Alter Wandrahm 7
20457 Hamburg


Du erreichst uns:
Email: support@twistedrooms.com
Telefon: 040-33389171


Das Opolum befindet sich in der Hamburger Speicherstadt. Rechts vom Dialog im Dunkeln im Alten Wandrahm 7. Von den Elbbrücken fährst du die B4 Richtung Zentrum/St. Pauli und biegst dann links in die Holzbrücke Richtung Speicherstadt und dann links in den Alten Wandrahm. Wir empfehlen dir das Parkhaus Speicherstadt am Sandtorkai 6. Dieses ist 5 Gehminuten von uns entfernt.

Public transportation

Du erreichst uns ganz einfach mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln. Mit der U-Bahn Linie U1 fährst du bis zu der Station ‘Messberg‘. Dort gehst du über die Brücke in die Speicherstadt und bist direkt bei uns.