Live your escape game!

  • NDR Fernsehen

    9 Feb 2016

    “This week saw the opening of probably one of the most spectacular and elaborate puzzle temples in Hamburg. The people from Hamburg Journal had a look around.”

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  • Hamburg1 TV

    5 Feb 2016

    “Hamburg1 took the plunge at ‘Asylum’ and attempt to escape the spooky scene.”

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  • SAT 1.regional

    news report

    “SAT.1 reporters test   ‘Asylum’ at TwistedRooms”

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  • Computer Bild

    29 Jan 2016

    “Hamburg’s TwistedRooms have opened! But, only if you and your team can find the clues to solve the puzzles- and escape the danger within.”

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  • Press reaction

    24 Dec 2015

    “The open door reveals a dimly lit room, there’s fake blood splattered on the tiled walls. The operating table resembles a torture bench, the floors are covered in fog. You’ve got to be pretty fearless to not get spooked out here.”

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  • Christine Beyer (Facebook)

    “Haben an der Verschwörung teilgenommen. War spannend, knifflig und gut durchdacht. War nicht unser erster Questroom. Aber der Beste! Alleine schon der herzliche Empfang, das Ambiente war Top.”

  • Louisa L. H.

    We had one full hour of excitement.  We played ‘Asylum’ and were completely thrilled by it all. Great activity with friends — a fantastic test of cooperation and team skills.

  • Sven Schlote (Facebook)

    Even for an insider who has tested all possible entertainment offers in large cities, THAT was absolutely fantastic! Hats off to the team, and keep it up!!!

  • Lina Becker

    “This is definitely Hamburg’s newest attraction. I haven’t experienced anything quite like it here.”

  • Jonas M.

    “The special effects are out of this world, we were spooked a few times. The crazy professor didn’t get us in the end- what a relief!”

  • Svenja Koch

    “We escaped into a different world for an entire hour. The rooms are really authentic. Wow.”

  • Jennifer Zaborski

    We just visited TwistedRooms in Hamburg and it was a cracking experience! We had a superb greeting (thanks to Heiko), it was all super friendly. The ‘Conspiracy’ room is well done.

  • Nico Farner

    “We played ‘Conspiracy’ and our group was determined to save the President at all costs. First class experience. We’ll be back!”

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About us

The team at TwistedRooms is here to provide you with a full immersion experience by offering you a state-of-the-art, minutely designed, and authentic gaming environment with which to ensure you escape to another reality- even if for just a little while.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete various tasks and a series of problem solving to achieve your goal and be allowed to ‘exit’ the room. We offer a range of different story lines. You’ll be sure to find one, or more, that suits you.

Current and coming attractions include a remote and deserted operating room, an 80s office block, an underground nuclear missile silo. Help change the course of events, featuring you as the key player.

Who can play TwistedRooms?

Live Escape Rooms are for anyone eager for a challenge in problem solving, investigating, and a race against time.

TwistedRooms can be played by

  • Friends, family and work colleagues during and after hours
  • Hen and stag events and birthday groups of all shapes and sizes
  • Organisations and companies keen to give their employees that exceptional experience, would like to organize a great team building event, or employ a different and unique assessment process for potential candidates

(Our rooms are not for the faint hearted. Please be advised that children and youth under the age of 16 may only play our rooms in the company of an adult.)

Book space

Der Angriff

Alarmstufe Rot: Die weltweit gefürchtete Verbrecherorganisation TRAC hat wieder zugeschlagen und von ihrem unterirdischen Raketensilo eine Nuklearrakete abgeschossen. Sollten die kriminellen Geldforderungen von TRAC nicht in kürzester Zeit erfüllt werden, so droht innherhalb von einer Stunde die Auslöschung der Metropole London. Die europäische Staatengemeinschaft hat sich entschlossen, dieser Erpressung diesmal nicht nachzugeben und sendet ihr streng geheimes Spezialkomando H.E.L.P. los, um diesen teuflischen Angriff rechtzeitig zu stoppen.

Beim Angriff handelt es sich um ein logisches Escape-Game. Es geht hier also weniger um das Suchen als vielmehr um logisches kombinieren.

Das Escape Game “Der Angriff” gibt es bei uns zwei Mal. Wenn ihr beide parallel bucht, könnt ihr in unserer “Versus-Challenge” auch gegeneinander spielen (der zweite Raum kann natürlich auch einzeln gebucht werden).

Mission: Verindert die nukleare Apokalypse und rettet das Leben von Millionen von unschuldigen Menschen. Eure Aufgabe als Spezialeinheit H.E.L.P. ist es, in die unterirdische Kommandozentrale von TRAC einzudringen und die sich bereits im Anflug auf London befindliche Nuklearrakete schnellstmöglichst zu zerstören. Es bleiben euch hierfür maximal 60 Minuten!



  • 60 Min

    Time Out

  • 2 - 5


  • DE, EN



It’s New York- early 80s: The President of the United States is scheduled for a speech at Central Park in 60 minutes. You are part of the FBI team tasked with unveiling the conspiracy threatening the President’s life.

A key journalist has been reported missing and is believed to have left critical information behind. Recover everything you can from his office, action is imminent.

We have two identical ‘Conspiracy’ rooms. Book both of them simultaneously and play the challenge against your friends and colleagues.

Mission: You and your FBI team are to search the journalist Michael Wether's office. The clock is ticking away... you have 60 minutes to uncover clues leading to the prevention of an international incident.



  • 60 Min

    Time Out

  • 2 - 5


  • DE, EN


The Asylum

You are a group of friends who has dared yourself to spend the night in the remote insane asylum ‘Eternal Peace’. What you are not aware of, however, is that the asylum is not completely deserted and that the operating theatre that you have locked yourselves up into is still very much in operation ….

When the doors close behind you and Dr. Lutz von Haken welcomes you personally, you will realise that your race against time has begun and that you have a mere 60 minutes to exit the room alive.

(Not recommended for youth under the age of 16)

Mission: Find your way out of the old operating theater as quickly as you can. Solve all the problems and tasks in 60 minutes, else the mad doctor will begin his experiments on you.



  • 60 Min

    Time Out

  • 3 - 8


  • EN, DE



How do I get my tickets?

You will receive your tickets by email directly following your purchase.

Can I make a room reservation?

Still waiting for confirmation from fellow players? No problem.  Call our Service Center and book a preliminary reservation to hold your slot free of charge and no strings attached. Reach us on 040-2288-3434 daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

Can I pay on the day on location?

Certainly! Call our Service Center and secure your reservation. On the day of your game, you can pay on location via cash, EC Card, or Credit Card. Contact us at 040-2288-3434.

Can I book all of your rooms for the same time?

Yes, it is possible to book all of our rooms for the same time. Just call our hotline on 040-2288-3434 from 10 am to 10 pm for more information and to make your reservation.


Can I play TwistedRooms outside of your regular operating hours?

Absolutely! Large groups may book their slots outside of our regular operating hours. Call our hotline at 040-2288-3434 daily from 10 am to 10 pm to check for availabilities.

What is the charge for a game?

These are the costs for games:

3 people = 90€  (30€ /person)

4 people = 110€  (27,50€ /person)

5 people = 120€  (24€ /person)

6 people = 129€  (21,50€ /person)

7 people = 140€  (20€ /person)


For example, if your book both ‘Conspiracy’ rooms for 6 people to play two teams against one another during a Versus-Challenge, then you pay 180€ (@ 3 people per room).

Is there an age restriction?

There is no outright age restriction, however, our rooms are not suited for children under 10 as the tasks and puzzles tend to be too complex for that age group.

Children and youth under 16 are welcome to play our rooms, but under the supervision of an adult.

Please be advised that some of our TwistedRooms have a minimum age recommendation due to the explicit nature of the content and the special effects. If you want to play our rooms with younger children, please understand that you do so at your own risk.

Are the doors locked during play?

Some live escape game companies lock the doors of the rooms during play. We do not. You may leave the room during play, however, we recommend you only do so if absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you don’t really properly immerse yourself in the topic and let TwistedRooms let you break away from reality as is intended.

Where can I book a TwistedRoom?

You can book via our internet site or just stop by our location. Depending on our availability you can play on the spot, or book slots for a later date. Our accepted modes of payment are all major credit cards, GiroPay, and PayPal.

Call us: +49-40-22883434

How much time should I allow for?

Please be ready 15 minutes prior to your slot for a team briefing. Following that, your playing time is precisely 60 minutes. Allow for about 15 more minutes afterwards for a short debriefing with one or members of our team.

Offers for companies

Conduct your ultimately fun and unique corporate event at TwistedRooms. Our setting lends itself to provide you and your employees with a cutting edge and unforgettable live experience.

The TwistedRooms concept puts a new spin on employee development efforts. Use our techniques to assess and later train communication and team skills with your employees. Keep a check on management skills, identify effective team player qualities, and train your corporate values.

Conduct your fun and truly unique teambuilding and employee development with us on location.  Our team of experts can realise the perfect setting for the perfect event for you.

Utilise TwistedRooms as an extention to your inhouse Assessment Center

Monitor your applicants’ team and communication skills under completely new and unique conditions via the TwistedRooms experience- in real time. Or, have two teams play our ‘Team Challenge’ using two identical rooms (possible at selected locations) for additional insight into your potential employees’ competitive behavior and cooperative skills.

Your benefits

  • Flexible time slots, independent of our official opening hours
  • Dedicated host who owns your process from beginning to end
  • Use of our hospitality area for all of your processing and entertainment needs. We can provide catering services to your specifications


  • Benefit from our reasonable franchise agreements
  • Choose from our selection of tried and tested TwistedRooms concepts
  • Work with our team to develop your very own TwistedRooms story lines and new and unique gaming concepts
  • Tap into our expert team of environmental specialists, set designers, interior decorators and craftsmen
  • Keep your personnel costs at bay by implementing our proprietary Game Master software ‘TROOMMS’ and VenueDoo based ticketing solution
  • We are your competent partner every step of the way. We’ll assist your your location hunt, sorting legal issues, or any other day to day issues

Here you can find us


Cremon 3, Ecke Hohe Brücke
20459 Hamburg


Du erreichst uns:
Telefon: +49 (0)40-2288-3434


TwistedRooms befindet sich in der Hamburger Altstadt. Direkt gegenüber der historischen Speicherstadt mit Blick auf Hamburg Dungeon und Miniatur Wunderland. Von den Elbbrücken fährst du die B4 Richtung Zentrum/St. Pauli. und biegst dann links in die Holzbrücke und dann rechts in die Cremon 3. Vor unserer Location haben wir Parkplätze. Diese sind werktags bis 20 Uhr kostenpflichtig. Alternativ gibt es ca. 8 Gehminuten entfernt das Parkhaus Speicherstadt am Sandtorkai 6.

Public transportation

Du erreichst uns ganz einfach mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln. Mit der U-Bahn Linie U3 fährst du bis zu der Station ‘Rödingsmarkt‘. Von dort sind es 5 Minuten zu Fuß bis zur Cremon 3.